david’s story 


David Bronner is a devoted cannabis activist, regenerative organic advocate, and founder of Brother David’s.

For 20 + years, David has fought with both dollar and soul for hemp and cannabis legalization, directing over $5 M towards ending state and national prohibition, while undergoing arrest for harvesting hemp in a steel cage in front of the White House, and again for planting seeds in the front lawn of the DEA.

As the CEO (Cosmic Engagement Officer) of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, David has built a reputation for running his family’s natural soap company as an engine for positive environmental and social change — fighting for regenerative organic agriculture, fair trade and fair pay, criminal justice reform, and responsible integration of cannabis and psychedelic medicines. Grandson of visionary founder Dr. Emanuel Bronner, David carries on his grandfather’s “All-One!” mission to heal and unite a divided world.

On Earth Day, 2019, David and friends launched Brother David’s as a social venture to protect the land, lives, and community of small-scale family cannabis farmers, and end federal prohibition.

All of Brother David’s partner farms are Sun+Earth Certified, growing cannabis regeneratively in the rich, sun-drenched soil, versus industrial chemical and energy-intensive indoor operations that are destroying the small family-farmer ecosystem.

David continues to work toward ending prohibition of all plant medicines, so that we may have responsible access to these sacred allies that open our hearts and minds to each other and our miraculous living earth.